Terms and Conditions

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Safety and Preparation

Above all, safety is the most important factor in a motorbike ride, especially a group ride. It is important that all participants understand the differences in traffic and driving behaviors of the country they are visiting to then take the necessary precautions.

Our guides will always brief customers on what to expect on the road, all the necessary hand signs and a few rules for the safety of the group. Be mindful that traffic in Southeast Asia can be complicated and tends to surprise visitors. Ultimately, every rider is responsible for their own decisions and actions, our guides’ role will be to care for the group to minimize potential road risks and to maximize the group’s pleasure during the ride. We request that all customers pay attention to the guide’s information.

Customers are encouraged to pack as light as possible to make the ride more comfortable. All extra luggage can be shipped from the starting destination to the end one to alleviate the customer.  


Visas is a complicated topic in Vietnam, most nationalities require a visa to enter Vietnam.

Nationals of the following countries can obtain a free visa on arrival for 45 days: South Korea, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belarus.

ASEAN nationals do not require a visa to enter Vietnam but may be required to present proof of a return ticket/onwards travel or proof of funds.

All other nationalities must apply for an e-visa on the government’s portal.

Be aware of visa scams online that are quite common. For safety, we may assist you in the visa application process. 

Safety Gear

Customers are encouraged to bring their own gear. Shipping from city to city is easy to arrange, so don’t worry if you have bulky luggage. We will take only the necessary on the road and ship the rest.

We provide some rental gear such as helmets (full-face or open face), gloves, pants and jackets. Boots may be arranged if requested in advance. All rental gear is second-hand gear, some may be old.

Customers are expected to ride courteously and show respect to fellow road users, especially those in our tour group. Mutual care fosters a supportive environment. In the true spirit of motorcycling, selflessness prevails; there is no room for selfish actions on our tours. It is important that each member follows the guide’s directions to ensure the safety of the group. 

Riding in Vietnam

Riding in Vietnam is not as simple as riding in other countries. Depending on the provinces, several cars and large vehicle drivers are inconsiderate of smaller vehicles. It is important that all participants drive carefully while assuming that all other vehicles around may do something illogical and dangerous on the route.

Your guide will warn of the potential behaviors expected from some drivers. In the most difficult cases, should an inconsiderate driver block the way of the group while making overtaking impossible, your guide will put himself on the way and block the driver while allowing the group to overtake. Should these cases arise, please do cooperate with your guide.

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Customer’s Terms

  1. We accept riders from 21 years old and up. 
  2. For ADV tours on >=175cc motorbikes, the rider must have a valid licence for the category for at least 2 years. For ADV tours either a local A2 licence or an international permit with category A are accepted. Please, take a look at this article to understand about licences allowed for Vietnam: https://theextramile.co/what-driving-licenses-are-valid-to-drive-in-vietnam 
  3. For dirt bike tours on <175cc motorbikes, a valid driving licence for the category is sufficient. 
  4. All customers must provide a picture of their passport and visa to register with the local authorities for accommodation purposes. 

Booking Terms

  • All tours require a deposit for the booking confirmation. 
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT. Customers may opt for a payment with VAT to our company account, or to pay without VAT to a personal account. Alternatively, Stripe payments are possible by card, without VAT but subjected to a fee. 
  • For tours with a duration of 4 days or less, we require a 50% deposit. 
  • For these tours, the remaining amount is to be paid up to 1 week before the tour. 
  • For tours with durations of 5 days or over, we require a 30% deposit. 
  • For these tours, the remaining amount is to be paid up to 1 month before the tour. 
  • The Extra Mile is a limited liability company established in Vietnam. Payments by wire transfer to our company account are accepted by adding the 8% VAT on top of the tour’s value. 
  • Non-VAT payments are accepted into our local bank accounts around the world. We use Wise primarily for international transfers. Check the point 3 of this article to know more about our Wise payment method: https://theextramile.co/payment-methods-in-vietnam-and-at-the-extra-mile 
  • Alternatively, credit card payments are accepted via Stripe subjected to a 5% processing fee. 
  • The deposits are non-refundable. All deposits will be used immediately to make the necessary accommodations and motorbike bookings.


All our tours include the following items within the price: 

_ The motorbike and fuel. 

_ All food at mealtimes and non-alcoholic beverages always. Vegetarian options available (other specific diet are either difficult or impossible to accommodate).

_ All accommodations. A 1 room per person standard is usually provided unless requested otherwise. For groups of 5 or more people, twin rooms may need to be arranged due to the limited capacity of remote accommodations. 

_ The guide and tour’s operations. 


_ Alcoholic beverages. 

_ Personal insurance. We recommend customers to come with personal insurance, but we do not require it. In case of an accident, the guide will be ready to handle the situation and get the person affected to safety if necessary. Medical expenses and other expenses related to motorbike accidents in Vietnam such as bike rescue, transport, etc. are very reasonable.  

_ Motorbike insurance. Unfortunately, there is no insurance for rental motorbikes in Vietnam. Customers are liable for damages if these are relevant. Small damages can be ignored. For rides on Honda XR 150 or Honda CB500X, a damage waiver can be purchased if we source the bikes from our business partner Tigit Motorbikes. The damage waiver option must be requested with important advance and is subject to availability.

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