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Ha Giang Loop 6D5N - The Extra Mile Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam

Ha Giang Loop 6D5N

Tour Summary & Highlights


This loop has one long day, experience is necessary to finish it comfortably. There are some optional loops that represent quite a challenge, request them only if you are extra confident of your habilities on narrow paths.

Tour Itinerary


From Hà Nội to Vũ Linh

160 kms

This morning, we smoothly leave Hanoi’s urban area and venture into the peaceful countryside via scenic backroads. After lunch, we head towards the tea fields, enjoying picturesque views of rolling hills and charming villages. In the afternoon, we arrive at Vũ Linh village, where we take a captivating boat ride across the serene Lake of a Thousand Islands. Amidst the tranquility, we indulge in a refreshing swim in the pristine waters, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

From Vũ Linh to Hoang Sù Phì

150 kms

On this beautiful day, we journey from Vũ Linh’s lake, tracing its shores for a mesmerizing stretch. As we continue, the scenery transforms, revealing the majestic mountain ranges of Hà Giang province. By afternoon, we arrive at Hoang Sù Phì, where we rest atop a hill, treated to breathtaking vistas of terraced rice fields. In the morning, prepare to awaken above the clouds, greeted by an unparalleled sunrise.

From Hoang Sù Phì to Đồng Văn

200 kms

This is a very special day where we see most of the highlights of the famous Hà Giang province. Some of the routes are in the typical tourist track, and with good reason. We will see most of the famous viewpoints and ride the best twisties of the north. Roads will be in great condition and mountain passes will make this day very fun! We visit the palace of the last king of Hà Giang, which on its own it is a great attraction. We end at the town of Đồng Văn known for its lively night market and amazing atmosphere.

From Đồng Văn to Bao Lạc

130 kms

This is the day of challenges if you are up for it!
On this day we take on also several famous roads, twisties and viewpoints in the morning. Later in the day we may take on a narrow challenge and even an offroad challenge if you wish. Technical and difficult, but absolutely worth it if you’re looking for adventure and views you won’t get to see in any other way than on a motorbike.
We end the day at the Bao Lac hostel, famous as a bikers stop and offering also incredible views.

From Bao Lạc to Ba Bể Lake

130 kms

The ride is short on this day, so we can reach Ba Bể Lake early enough and do a 3 hours boat ride to a waterfall that you won’t forget. We can even swim if you wish. The boat ride takes us among tall limestone mountains formations, the dense vegetation all arround is amazing! This is a very relaxing boat ride to close the day with style. We stay in views of the rice fields and the lake at a local homestay with excellent food.

From Ba Bể Lake to Hà Nội

200 kms

On this day, we pretty much concentrate on our way back to Hanoi as it is a long ride. We reach the city in the early or mid-afternoon shortly after our last lunch together. Worry not, the scenery is still beautiful for all its morning.



No solo tour available.

Motorbike Option Price per day Tour price
Standard on Honda XR 150 175 USD 1,050 USD
Upgrade to Kawasaki Versys X-300 200 USD 1,200 USD
Upgrade to Honda CB500X 250 USD 1,500 USD
Upgrade to 800cc – 1,250cc options   1,500 – 2,010 USD

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