Deep Mekong Adventure 4 Days

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Deep Mekong Adventure 4 Days - The Extra Mile Adventure Motorbike Tours Vietnam

Deep Mekong Adventure 4 Days

Tour Summary & Highlights


_Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in a global scale. This tour takes you to the origin of the industry in a way you will not imagine. Be ready to be impressed by the size of the operations and how they impact the daily lifestyle.
_Enjoy amazing organic local delicacies.
_Explore the unknown and remote corners of the Delta.
_Highly scenic tour! Very popular with photography enthusiasts.

Tour Itinerary


This day covers Long An - Tiền Giang - Bến Tre Provinces


We drive through farmlands and scenic backroads to exit Saigon and reach the Delta. The route is untouched by general tourism. We have amazing organic food both for lunch and dinner, meals that leave an impression with all guests.
The day will consist on a system of backroads that will show us what the daily life of the Mekong farmer is.
We stay at a premium clean homestay for the night surrounded by a beautiful garden of an incredibly diverse vegetation.

This day covers Bến Tre - Tiền Giang Provinces


This day unfolds leisurely, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the local lifestyle, pausing for picturesque moments. Morning takes us through farmlands, showcasing the area’s growing vegetation. Our route along the riverside offers glimpses of riverbank boat life and culminates at one of the Mekong River’s largest junctions—an impressive sight. By lunchtime, we reach our island retreat, providing opportunities to unwind in the pool or on a hammock.
A 2-hour island tour showcases the fertile landscapes, offering insights into local Mekong agricultural and fishing cultures. We stay at a pretty and rustic homestay for dinner and the night.

This day covers Tiền Giang - Đồng Tháp Provinces


Begin your day with a boat adventure exploring the Mekong Delta’s unique natural floating market, offering a diverse array of products away from commercial tourism. Our journey continues to an industrial rice market, providing insights into the Vietnamese economy. We visit a renowned old house showcasing some of the country’s oldest and most valuable wood.
In the afternoon, navigate picturesque paved backroads through vibrant landscapes. Experience farmlands managed by local prisoners. Our day concludes in Cao Lãnh, where we will eat and sleep at the compound keeping Ho Chi Minh’s father’s house.

This day covers Đồng Tháp - Tiền Giang - Long An Provinces


Đồng Tháp province is renowned for its lotus flower and chili fields. Today, we traverse numerous natural fields, dirt trails, and forests, providing ample opportunities for unforgettable nature-immersed photographs. A unique highlight includes observing farming fields near prisons (safely). Lunch is enjoyed suspended over a lotus flower field, featuring delicious local cuisine. The afternoon continues with captivating offroad experiences amid stunning nature. We conclude the day by arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, strategically timed to avoid rush hour chaos.



Prices for minimum 2 riders. We do not offer solo tours for the Mekong Backroads and Deep Mekong Adventure tours.

Motorbike Option Tour price
Standard on Honda XR 150 600 USD
*150 USD per day per rider
Upgrade to Kawasaki Versys X-300 700 USD
* 175 USD per day per rider
Upgrade to Honda CB500X 780 USD
*195 USD per day per rider
Upgrade to 800cc – 1,250cc options 780 – 1120 USD

Terms & conditions

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Tour Pictures


5 - MEKONG - Long An - Tien Giang - two girl riders in a Mekong delta adventure tour with their motorbikes Honda XR150cc doing hand signs riding The Extra Mile Adventure tours

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